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The heats on and we know exactly how you like it! After twenty plus years of creating some of the finest and tastiest hot sauces, BBQ sauces, seasoning blends and more, our 50+ products have found great favor not only at retail and specialty grocery stores but with restaurants, food service companies and wholesale distributors too. Our one-of-a-kind hot sauce store caters to every taste out there from mild and medium to extreme, 5-alarm hot.

Our gourmet BBQ sauce and hot sauce choices offer great value with excellent flavor. We can private label hot sauce or any of our other items specifically for your needs and can even provide a personalized hot sauce gift set sporting your own brand. From herb seasoning blends like Cajun Blackening and 7-Spice Steak Seasoning, to hellacious and hot Sharkbite Scorpion Pepper Sauce (made with the hottest peppers on the planet), we promise to tantalize your taste buds like no others can!

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Sharkbite Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce sharkbite scorpion pepper hot sauce
Sharkbite Habanero
Our Price: $5.50
Sharkbite Scorpion Pepper Sauce
Our Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $7.95
Savings: $1.00
Sharkbite Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce, try this hot sauce for a flavorful catch of habanero peppers and garlic blended to perfection.
Bite Level: 6 Shark Teeth
Packing: 5 fl. oz. bottle

Sharkbite Habanero Hot Sauce is an excellent addition to your breakfast, lunch for dinner! A great habanero hot sauce that gives you some heat along with great tasting flavor!
Packed: 5 fl. oz.

The Official Butch T Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce is known as the"Hottest Pepper In The World" by Guinness Book of World Records - 2012. We add the right amount of flavor to this hot sauce. It sure will light a fire, but you'll enjoy it with the taste it gives off!

Extreme Heat Level-- WARNING
5 fl. oz. bottle.
sharkbite hammer head hot sauce datil pepper sauce bbq mustard sauce
Datil Pepper Sauce
Our Price: $5.50

Nothing beats the Captain’s Sharkbite Hammer Head Hot Sauce for a flavorful, rich, hot chili sauce that you’ll enjoy over and over again. The Sharkbite packs a medium tabasco chili pepper spice level that sits just right on the palate. If you enjoy a good habanero pepper hot sauce, check this sauce out. It’s a timeless classic!

Priced at the best rate available, Captain Rebeard’s Sharkbite Hammer Head Hot Sauce is just the right blend of habanero and tabasco pepper spice. The rich, wonderful flavor will be an instant hit at any dinner party or outdoor summer barbeque. It’s also all-natural, gluten free and one of our most popular hot chili sauce options.

Bite Level: 7 Shark Teeth.
Packed 5 fl. oz.

Hot & Healthy Datil Pepper Sauce

Locally grown in St. Augustine, FL, the delicious datil pepper sauce is one to savor. The datil pepper is originally grown locally in Florida; this popular flavor is brought to your plate courtesy of Captain Redbeard's datil pepper sauce. Try it out and you’ll be amazed.

This sauce goes excellent with all types of barbeque and meat combinations. The healthy hot sauce is known to pack a little heat and a rich, satisfying kick that you’ll enjoy at your dinner table. Introduce this delicious datil hot sauce to your dishes for something new that everyone will enjoy!

Packed: 5 fl. oz.
Mustard BBQ Sauce is great for summer cook-outs and anything you're looking to add that sweet taste to your foods. Flavorful sauce is full of flavor, not much of a kick to this sauce! Try it out!
Great dipping sauce for pretzels, chips and much more!
12.7 oz. Flask Bottle.