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private-label-banner-headerCaptain Foods offers a wide variety of products within our private label program. Known for our great customer service and great products, we are dedicated to work with you to create a gourmet product line based off your needs, while focusing on sales and growing the business. Contact us to learn more about Captain Foods and how we can work together and grow! At Captain Foods, we are committed to answering the demands of consumers helping the retailer in offering reliability, quality, and price.

Food Service & Restaurants, please visit for more information about private label products for your restaurants.

Product List

Item #Table Top Hot SaucesPack Size
CP1-22 oz. Hot Sauce24/case
CP1-33 oz. Louisiana Style Hot Sauce36/case
CP1-55 oz. Aged Cayenne Pepper Sauce24/case
CP1-66 oz. Lousiana Style Hot Sauce24/case
HP25 oz. Habanero Hot Sauce24/case
HPG25 oz. Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce24/case
TAB55 oz. Tabasco & Habanero Hot Sauce24/case
MEX55 oz. Chipotle Hot Sauce24/case
CPG15 oz. Garlic Cayenne Hot Sauce24/case
JP35 oz. Jalapeno Hot Sauce24/case
Item #Specialty Hot SaucesPack Size
OLDFL5 oz. Aged Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce12/case
JF25 oz. Red Savina Habanero Hot Sauce12/case
JF2FL756.75 oz. Orange Habanero (FLASK)12/case
DPS55 oz. Datil Pepper Sauce12/case
MSB55 oz. Mango Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce12/case
PSB55 oz. Papaya Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce12/case
GST55 oz. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Jolokia Pepper)12/case
SPS55 oz. Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce12/case
CH45 oz. Chipotle & Habanero12/case
Item #BBQ & Grilling SaucesPack Size
#BB612 oz. Gourmet BBQ Sauce12/case
#BB6-M12 oz. Mustard BBQ Sauce12/case
#SS510 oz. Gourmet Steak Sauce12/case
#WS712 oz. Buffalo Wing Sauce12/case
Item #Seasoning BlendsPack Size
SB1004 oz. Garlic Lemon & Herb Seasoning12/case
SB1023.5 oz. Cajun Blackening Seasoning12/case
SB1044 oz. Seven Spice Steak Seasoning12/case
SB1064 oz. Caribbean Jerk Seasoning12/case
SB1074 oz. Seafood Grilling Seasoning12/case
SB1104 oz. Famous BBQ Seasoning12/case
SB1144 oz. All American BBQ Seasoning12/case
SB1274 oz. Sweet Heat Seasoning12/case
SB1333.5 oz. Salt Free Seasoning12/case
SB1463 oz. Montreal Steak Seasoning12/case
SB1514 oz. Keylime Jerk Seasoning12/case
SB1524 oz. Keylime Seafood Seasoning12/case
SB1623.5 oz. Caribbean Rum Seasoning12/case
Item #Spice GrindersPack Size
SSG3303.3 oz. Sea Salt Grinder72/case
HSS330C3.3 oz. Himalayan Salt Grinder72/case
HSS330F3.3 oz. Himalayan Salt – Fine72/case
BPG1501.5 oz. Black Peppercorn Grinder72/case
SSG5645.64 oz. Sea Salt Grinder36/case
BPG2642.64 oz. Black Peppercorn Grinder36/case
Item #Bottled WaterPack Size
TW9-88 oz. Purified Bottled Water24/case
TW916.9 oz. Purified Bottled Water24/case

Private Label

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