Gourmet Hot Sauce Gift Set

Popular the world over, our famous Captain Foods and Sharkbite Hot Sauce recipes offer something for everyone, from the faintly mild at heart to the devious “devil made me do it” heat seeker extraordinaire. Of course, if it’s got the words “hot sauce” in the name you can bet it’s going to have some pizzazz, but we also offer milder methods of flavoring meats and other dishes such as the items in the popular BBQ gift basket. Our gift sets are a great way to sample a range of recipes and to share your find with others.

Whether you choose a Gourmet Hot Sauce Gift Set or a Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set, you’ll be getting a gift that keeps on giving. A Hot Sauce Gift Set or Hot Sauce Gift Basket is that perfectly pleasant way to express your appreciation to someone you know likes to have their taste buds tantalized at mealtime. Beats the heck out of a necktie or gloves!

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  • Heat It Up! Hot Sauce 3 Pack


    Heat It Up! Hot Sauce 3 Pack

    Looking to get yourself “Heated”…..We have what you’re looking for when it comes to “heatin” up your foods! Try our Heat It Up! 3 Pack of Medium Heat level hot sauces. An excellent addition to any kitchen!

    • 5 oz. Garlic Cayenne Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Jalapeno Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Chipotle Fire Hot Sauce


  • Sharkbite Survival Kit 6-pack


    Sharkbite Survival Kit 6-pack

    Eat or Be Eaten….A combination of your favorite peppers from mild heat to hot heat. Great on fish, poultry, meats, breakfast and anything you want it on!

    • Jalapeno Hot Sauce
    • Garlic Cayenne Pepper Sauce
    • Habanero Hot Sauce
    • Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce
    • Chipotle Hot Sauce
    • 2 Pepper Hot Sauce