Grilling & Wing Sauces

If you’re hankering for a top-quality gourmet barbecue sauce and would like a taste of the best BBQ sauce anywhere, our collection of Captain Redbeards sauces leaves absolutely nothing to be desired! Check out these top quality barbecue sauce choices that will have your friends and family licking their plates clean.

Whether you’re after a mild-heat, gluten free steak sauce made with a base of tomatoes and raisins or a gluten free barbecue sauce that has just the exact amount of everything to tempt your educated palate, the Captain’s got it and you can get it too! Check out our Buffalo Wing Sauce as a great addition to your meals, giving you the flavor and heat you’re looking for!

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  • BBQ & Grilling Seasoning Set – 3 Pack


    BBQ & Grilling Seasoning Set – 3 Pack

    It is BBQ & Grilling Time! A great way to seasoning your meats with all natural flavorful seasonings! Be sure to get yours today

    • All American BBQ Seasoning
    • Sweet Heat Seasoning
    • 7 Spice Seasoning




  • Island Time Steak Sauce


    Island Time Steak Sauce

    Our gourmet steak sauce is a “must have” with your prime cut of steak! This sauce truly brings out the best in your steak dinner. It is sure to add the right amount of flavor to chicken and pork as well.

    • Heat   Level: 
    • 1 out of 10 

    Suggested Uses:
    Use on your favorite steaks, burgers, fries and much more! Our Island Steak Sauce is something you will keep in your pantry at all times!

    Gluten Free

    10 oz. Bottle – 12/case

  • Buffalo Wing Sauce


    Buffalo Wing Sauce

    If you’re a big chicken wing fan, you’ll love our Buffalo Wing Sauce as an excellent added flavor to those juicy wings. This sauce is medium heat level and is used as a great dipping sauce and marinade.  The Captain say, “Add your favorite hot sauce to make the heat go up!”

    • Heat   Level: 
    • 6 out of 10 

    Suggested Uses:
    An excellent marinade and dipping sauce for your favorite wings and cook-outs! An excellent addition to your  burgers, fries and much more!

    12 oz. Bottle – 12/case