Cajun Blackening Seasoning




Cajun Blackening Seasoning

Our very special Cajun Blackening Seasoning has been made keeping in mind various uses as a result not only is it a part of meat & seafood recipes but also used as a dry rib for many more.

We use all natural ingredients like Paprika, black pepper and also other fresh peppers & spices.

Our Cajun Blackening Seasoning is one-of-a-kind blackening flavor has been perfected to keep you coming back for more. For maximum enjoyment, use it as a dry rub for seafood, chicken, steak or other meats.

Suggested Uses
Either Sprinkle or smother your meal that you’re looking to add the blackening to, and the spice blend will do the rest!

Ingredients – 100% All Natural
Garlic, Onion, Paprika, Black Pepper, Thyme, Cumin, Salt, Cayenne Peppers and Spices.

Nutrional Details