Hot Sauces

Our selection of gourmet hot sauces loaded with flavor, ranging from mild to wild in heat! We sure have what you’re looking for!

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Grilling Sauces

Check out these top quality barbecue sauce choices that will have your friends and family licking their plates clean.

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Freshly Ground for the Freshest Taste! Gourmet Salts and Peppercorn Grinders…Helpful cooking ingredients and great table condiments!

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All natural seasoning blends off unique flavors with excellent taste! No Preservatives – Gluten Free – No MSG

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Our Most

Popular Products

  • 11 Way All Seasoning Combo

    A great opportunity to capitalize on your home cooking, with a wide selection of blends and excellent flavors!

    Products Included:

    • 2.5 oz. Sweet Heat Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. All American BBQ Seasoning
    • 2.5 Seven Spice Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Everything Salt Free Seasoning
    • 3.0 oz. Garlic Lemon & Herb Seasoning
    • 2.0 oz. Cajun Blackening Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Key-Lime Jerk Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Seafood Grilling Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Caribbean Rum Seasoning
    • 2.5 oz. Key-Lime Seafood Seasoning
  • 3 Way Extreme Heat


    3 Way Extreme Heat

    Get Your Favorite Hot Sauce Heat Collection in this combo gift set! It’ll sure light a fire with your taste buds!

    Products Included:

    • 5 oz. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Red Savina Habanero Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Sharkbite Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce
  • 3 WAY Sharkbite Combo

    Get our most popular Sharkbite Hot Sauces here in #1 combo package.

    Products Included:

    • 5 oz. Habanero Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • 3 WAY Sunshine Tropics Trio

    Flavors from the Tropics! Get all the Caribbean Heat You’ve been waiting for.

    Products Included:

    • 5 oz. Olde Florida Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz.  Datil Pepper Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Key West Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • 3 WAY Sweet & Heat Combo

    A perfect combination of Sweet Sauces and Extreme Heat Sauces! When you mix the two sauces together, check out what happens!

    Products Included:

    • 5 oz. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Red Savina Habanero Hot Sauce
    • 5 oz. Peach Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce


Be sure to check out the Captain’s selected recipes on your next gourmet meal. If you’re looking for an exotic Caribbean flavor, a salt free dish, or something is some sweet and heat in it….We have it ready for you. Click here to learn more about our recipes.

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Save on Deals

Looking to save a buck? Click here to see some of our great tasting products at a discount!

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How Hot is Hot?!

Offering a flavorful variety of specialty hot sauces, we sure cover all heat levels! From mild Cayenne peppers to your extreme heat like Jolokia (Ghost) Pepper and Butch T Scorpion Pepper. Click here to learn more about the Scoville Heat Chart and our heat levels on our sauces!

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